Friday, 5 June 2015

Week 13/ 14

One of the things that we needed to fix up in our model was the beams located to the right of the museum. As seen in the picture below (taken by Russell) we were missing the top horizontal beam connecting the two diagonal beams. We have now fixed it up, as seen below. 

Images above: Screenshots of the fixed up beams in Sketch Up and Revtizo

After our presentation on Wednesday, Russell gave us feedback saying that he wanted to see our 123d catch models (made by Dr. Ian) to be made smaller but still retaining the high detail that it currently has. Aram has worked on optimising each of the 123d catch files. We have been testing it on our individual laptops but unfortunately the textures are not showing up, so we are seeing how small we can get the file before the textures are not visible.

Aram has worked on it and he sent us some new files with the textures visible. For the past few hours I have tried to merge all the 123d catch files with the sketch up model but for some reason in Revitzo it keeps overriding my files and I am only able to get one file in with the Sketch Up file. I have decided to put it into 3ds Max and merge it there and then save it as a fbx and import it into Revtizo. Here are the results:

Everything looks very good in 3ds Max but unfortunately when imported in Revitzo the texturing does not work very well.

I'm not too sure what is happening, it is most likely a result of the file being imported from 3ds Max. I played around with Revitzo and 3ds Max and tried different options. I decided to just combine the courtyard and Sketch Up file in 3ds Max and then import it into Revitzo where I then combine the front facade of the museum. 

Images above: Screenshots of the 123d catch images merged with the Sketch Up model

Overall, I am happy with the result as it is a much better result than what we were getting before. However, there are a few problems:
1. The butter churn (shown above) is having some strange texturing problems
2. The doors of the Sketch Up model have disappeared

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