Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Week 13_ Final Presentation

Presented in class on the 03/06/15

Images above: Screenshots of the completed presentation created in Keynote

Feedback given:
  • Sketch Up model- the structure on the right side of the interior of the museum was modeled incorrectly, there is an extra part to it that extends up and back down making a triangle structure/ support. --> This will be fixed by next week's submission.
  • Try and get the 123d catch models made by Dr Ian Ewart smaller in size but still at a high quality. 
  • User manual - add more final images of what the manual is teaching. 
    • Have a more generic one on just Sketch Up (our manual is very specific to the Museum of English Rural Life)

Process of putting our presentation together

The method that we have been using for all the presentations this semester is listing out the points we need to talk about and choosing which one we want to work on/ present. For the final presentation I listed out the main things we needed to present:
  • Original Brief
    • Original aim
    • Software
  • Modified brief (Change)
    • Software used now
    • Our goal
    • What did we achieve?
    • What does the client want?
  • End product
    • Sketch Up Model --> Revitzo
    • User Manual
    •  iPad
    • User Experience
    • Did we meet the clients expectations/ needs
  • Method of working
    • Process (e.g. Splitting up tasks)
    • How did we collaborate?
  • Challenges
    • How did we overcome it?

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