Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 12

The progress on our Sketch Up model is moving along quite well and the set up we had at the beginning was one person would work on it and then upload it and pass it on. At first I thought this method was quite good but overtime there were so many different files being uploaded that some of us were editing the old file without realising our elements created by other members were not there. This caused quite a lot of confusion and frustration. For future reference, I think we should of split up the elements and created them in separate Sketch Up files and then copy and paste it into a central (final) file. I have done this before last year in a group project that also used Sketch Up and this method worked perfectly fine, unfortunately we are too far into this Sketch Up file to fix it up. 

Also another confusion was that I discovered that the plan we were using at the beginning/ the plan we imported into Sketch Up as a base was the older version (still the new design of the museum but and earlier plan). There are only small differences like internal and external walls. I did stress to my group that we refer to the new plan which I had found (the latest one created in February 2015) but for some reason this caused a lot of confusion and miscommunication. To solve this I had to explain it multiple times the areas that had changed. 

A few times I have had to fix up the layering in the model because some elements were placed in the wrong layer and was causing confusion. 

The model as of 24/05/2015.

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