Monday, 4 May 2015

Week 8- Planning because of change

Our plan/ thoughts:
After the change of software of our project and its simplification, we have brainstormed ideas in how we can make it the best and accurate prototype of the museum using the software we are required to use now.

1. We must identify how the museum is structured, how and why the displays are organised in the way it currently is- the sequence of the museum.
2. How do people move through the museum- the journey they take from the entrance to the exit of the museum.
3. What does the client want? How do they want the exhibitions organised? How do they want people to move through the virtual museum?
4. How can we draw attention and emphasis on the objects? What objects that exist in the museum should we model? - significance.
5. How will we convey the information to different users using different platforms e.g. iPad, phone, desktop.

What do we want to achieve?
As a team we want to achieve exactly the same quality that we would of achieved using 3ds Max and UnReal Engine 4, we understand that the softwares we are using now (Sketch Up and Revitzo) may be slightly limiting and will not achieve the high definition quality that the other programs can achieve. We will explore the limitations of the new software and work to the best of our ability to create a virtual museum that is accurate and realistic.

The image above is of a wagon created in Google Sketch Up and this is an example of the sort of quality we wish to achieve. The texturing is very accurate and true to the actual object.

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