Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Week 10- Conflict Presentation (Marker Project)


Team: Marker Project

  • Annisa Rizal
  • Alexander Lee
  • Maurishka Sahani
  • Christopher Tee
  • Jeremy Coronel 

  • Entertaining start to the presentation 
  • Well designed slides- not full of text
    • Great use of graphics and colour schemes
  • Incorporated facts to back up what they were saying
  • Related to projects we have worked on- Hextic 
    • Helped us to identify and remember the times we faced conflict

  • Some group members read off their notes -- No eye contact which lost our attention 
  • Members were not aware of each others appropriate slides, so the slides constantly went back and forth
  • The random "skits" in the middle of the presentation was different but a little bit messy

  • Types of people causing conflict --> Identifying who we are in the group- helps us to fix it and avoid it
  • Avoiding conflict- Does not resolve conflict, it only escalates it. 
  • Strategies to resolve conflict- Do you get angry with the same person --- identify the source, remain neutral, communicate, identify each others strengths and weaknesses, define acceptable behaviour in a group, a group leader is necessary, cooperation- listening to each other, all members treated equally
  • Positive impact- brainstorm, initiate positive/ productive change, opportunities- define ways to fins solutions outside of your comfort zone, experiment with new negotiation style, without conflict there is no innovation
  • "Not a bad thing" --> Conflict is often seen as a "bad" thing but it can actually help with communication and help others learn from their mistakes
  • Labelling everything as conflict
How does conflict relate to our project (Virtual Museum)?

So far throughout the project we have not encountered any conflict within our group, this is a very positive outcome as we have established a clear communication line and respect for each other. At the beginning of the project and when we were told to change the software for our project we did encounter a bit of miscommunication mainly between us and the client. It was a little bit difficult getting information from the client as Russell played the middle- person who delivered messages from both sides. This did not cause any major problems just slight confusion and delayed our group in starting the actual modelling of the museum in Sketch Up.

Conflict is an important topic for all of us as we have all been faced with it and have reacted in many different ways. As we all move on to full-time jobs next year we will definitely face conflict and it is crucial that we all know how to deal and respond to conflict in the best way, aiming to minimise it. 

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