Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Week 11- Remuneration Presentation (Aerial Ropeway)


Team: Aerial Ropeway

Team Members:
  • Jordon Blanket (Presented)
  • Hayley Chung (Presented)
  • Erik Lukas Molinder
  • Molly Wu
  • George Logothetis
  • Dominique Heraud

  • Great use of graphics- Made a timeline to show what they are talking about
  • Confident presentation- extensive knowledge of some parts of the topic of remuneration
  • Simple slides - to the point
  • Used statistics in relation to us (Remuneration as a student) --> UNSW
  • (Remuneration as a student) -- Gave tips that is of benefit and relevant to us

  •  The topic was quite difficult and the way the flow of the presentation was presented was very confusing- got a bit lost in some areas.
  • Only two people presented and it was clear which parts the members presented did not research on.
  • Did not relate to their project (Aerial Ropeway)- only mentioned once/ mentioned that remuneration does not relate to their project

  • "Remuneration is a payment made to or for the benefit of a worker, that is not as simple as a wage or a salary as it includes such things as a remuneration return and a reconciliation statement"- Work Cover SA
  • How much are you worth?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • Total reward system
  • How do I add value to myself?
    • Partake in study tours
    • General Education
    • Networking
    • Internships
    • Peer to Peer Competition
  • Knowledge/ Experience= Value 
  • Knowing how to apply the skills

 How does remuneration relate to our project (Virtual Museum)?

The topic remuneration did not particularly have any relation to any groups projects, as none of us are getting paid for our work/ final outcome. Instead we are getting "paid" or rewarded with grades and credibility. However, remuneration is an important topic for everyone as we are all looking for a full- time/ graduate position and we need to understand the process of how much we should be paid/ rewarded for the time, effort and skills we put in.

Through the discussion and feedback after this presentation, we established that it is acceptable to negotiate on a sensitive topic such as pay and that it is important for us to improve and increase on our knowledge and skills that will be of great value in whichever field we choose to work in.   

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