Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Week 9- Intellectual Property Presentation (Oculus Group)

06/ 05/15

Team: Oculus Group 

  • Dara Ten
  • Andrew McDonald
  • Shanny Lam
  • Daniel Juarez
  • Matthew Sinpraseuth


  • Used a lot of examples to help us understand the meaning e.g. Nike, McDonalds
    • The examples helped a lot in understanding what can and cannot be copyrighted, patented 
    • Examples used are relevant to us/ the things we use e.g. Electronics we commonly use
  • Great use of images - slides were not full of text
  • Related topics to other groups e.g. Marker Project --> Using them as an example
  • Very minimal text which was furthered explained by the group members which showed a great understanding of the topic.
  • Consistent slides
  • Related back to their project (Oculus)
    • What they will do?
    • How they will do?
    • Why they are doing it?
    • Where do they stand in terms of IP?
    • Constraints
  • Did a lot of research by calling IP Australia and asking senior lecturers 
  • Explained how IP fits into collaboration
    • Who owns what if our project went commercial?
    • Copyright infringement (taking parts of other designs)
    • If someone drops out
  • Great use of PowToon to create the animation

  • The text was little bit faint/ light- hard to read
  • The animation was a little bit too fast 
  • One person answered  - Spokesperson for the team (?) --> cut off other members when they tried to answer

  • Related to other groups- stand out
  • Clear and concise presentation
  • Personalized the presentation
  • Thorough research --> initiative to contact companies

- Sourcing everything --> Infringing copyright by taking something that exists 
- Not using existing dimensions
- Not using branding

How does Intellectual Property relate to our group (Virtual Museum)? 
Intellectual Property is important not only to our virtual museum project but any project that we did in the past or will do in the future. Having an understanding of intellectual property will allow us to know how much of a project we own if we are working under someone and in our circumstance, under the university. In the future, we might all have our own company and we need to be able to know how to protect our designs and business from anyone using what is ours without permission.

For our project, the virtual museum, our client is the Museum of English Rural Life and ultimately the museum does own the project and we are providing a service to them which is meeting their needs and creating a 3D prototype model of the museum. It is expected that we and the university gets credited if they use it for commercial purposes.

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