Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Week 8- Communication Presenation (Driving Machine Team)


Team: Driving Machine/ Steering Wheel

  • Peter Mitchell
  • Elliott Johnson
  • Daming Yan
  • Neville Pan
  • Vedran Kuljic


  • Clear and precise slides
  • Expanded on points/ added new information
  • Great use of graphs (visual diagrams) e.g. Cheney Model --> Explained the graph/ model step by step helping us to easily understand it
    • The self created animation/ video was very creative and explained the Cheney model futher
  • Well prepared presentation- the group members knew exactly what they were talking about
  • Clear and well understood pros and cons- great integration of images and other visual devices
  • Talked a lot about different topics relating to communication e.g. the environment, verbal/ non- verbal, forms of communication --> well researched to help us understand the communication topic

  • Some slides were a little bit inconsistent e.g. text size
  • Didn't relate as much to the project (Driving Wheel/ Steering)
  • Mainly one person did most of the talking which felt like he did all the work while the rest of the team members just stood behind him.
    • It was clear who prepared for the presentation and who didn't --> Also evident when answering questions, the same people who spoke the most in the presentation.

  • Good foundational knowledge but needed to be more condensed
    • Condense generic ideas
    • Show experience
  • Use the term collaboration and how it relates to the group
  • Talk more about the team structure and the project specifically
  • Using feedback to correct end product 
  • Repeated information e.g. Cheney model explained and then shown in an animation 
  • Too much interdependency
  • Team is missing leadership/ hierarchy because of this there is a lot of miscommunication/ no clear roles
  • Specificity 

How does communication relate to our project (Virtual Museum)?
Communication is an important component that must be implemented and worked on in every part of our lives from communicating to family and friends to communicating in a professional work scenario. Through the presentation it has been made evident of how communication has changed throughout the years and how it shapes the way we deliver information to one another. The group explored different platforms in which they primarily communicating through, such as Facebook and email. These are the platforms that our group uses, however we have found problems in using these platforms because not every single member, at first, had access to Facebook therefore information had to be passed back and forth which led to a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

A miscommunication was also evident in the early stages of our project, when the people at the museum didn't voice clearly of their intentions and capabilities of different software, this had led to our group changing software and approach. By this miscommunication, this had made us more active in our communication with the people at the museum, this is to ensure that we are meeting their needs and that the end product will be something that they can easily use and manipulate. We aim to communicate directly to someone at the museum who is directly involved with the project (Dr. Ian Ewart), this will be easier than passing a message to Russell who then passes it onto the representative at the museum. This will minimize any miscommunication or confusion.

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