Saturday, 4 April 2015

Week 3- Research- Museum Plans

Progress- Week 3

As a team we decided to divide the roles (for now) into 2 modelling tasks:
1. Objects- modelling objects that are on display at the museum
2. Building- modelling the exterior and interior of the museum

Most likely we will be helping each other on whichever tasks needs more attention. 

Myself and Grant have been given the task of modelling the building. We researched online for floor plans of the museum but unfortunately there was nothing online that was of any use. I decided to contact the administration staff at The Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) and I was able to get in contact with Adam who is the Project Officer for the Museum (see email below). 

Image above: Screenshot of email from Adam (Project Officer at MERL)

After explaining to Adam our aim of the project he sent me some floor plans of the museum which we will be using as a guide to model the museum.

Images above: Floor plans of the Museum of English Rural Life provided by Adam (Project Officer)

UPDATE 08/04/15
Adam, the project officer at MERL, has kindly given me more plans that were provided by the architects working for the Museum. He gave me quite a lot of detailed plans which will help us a lot in modeling the interior and exterior of the museum.

Image above: Email received on the 8th of April 2015 from Adam (Project Officer at MERL)

Image above: A screenshot of one of the many construction drawings sent to me. 
Other plans included: floor plans, site plans, sections, elevations and detailed drawings.

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