Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Week 4- Tutorials- Modeling Jug

03/04/15- 04/04/15

We were asked by Russell to develop a simple prototype of the museum with an object (jug) in it to show to the Museum of English Rural Life on his trip to England. We divided the roles- modelling the room, jug, lighting and the environment in Unreal Engine 4. We were a little bit strapped for time since we were not 100% familiar with using UE4 and we encountered some problems like texturing etc. 

I modelled the jug which was fairly simple but texturing caused a lot of problems and was very time consuming. 

Progress Pictures:

It took me a long time to work out how to do uv wrapping. I watched countless tutorials and I realised I did not assign the material to the object that is why nothing was showing up. I'm not too sure if my method is the correct way but since we were short of time we went with it. I will continue practising until I get a smoother and realistic texturing. 

UnReal Engine 4
The importing process from 3Ds Max to UnReal Engine 4 was fairly easy and one of my team members taught us how to apply a collision box to our 3Ds max models so in the game the player does not walk through the objects. 

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