Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 6- Preparing our presentation (Planning)

The first week of mid semester break we all focused on creating the prototype museum and jug that Russell wanted to show on his trip to Reading. We also continued experimenting with UE4 and 3Ds Max to find the best way of how to things like UV mapping and light mapping in UE4.

The second week of mid semester break (non- teaching week) we continued on our individual sections for the Theme of Collaboration presentation (our group was assigned Planning). Besides spending time on the actual presentation, we worked together to create the video that was required which further shows our understanding of the topic planning.

This presentation required a lot of planning. I first had to divide up each section (more detail on the previous post), set a deadline as to when we wanted everyone's individual sections completed, how we wanted to present it e.g. Powerpoint or Prezi and brainstorm ideas on how to create the video.

Progress of our video
We had a few ideas for how to make our video and we ended up deciding to make a stop motion video to explain our theme planning. We (Vivien, Grant and Tom) met up at uni on Saturday (18/04/15) to work on it, we worked well as a team as we agreed on things very quickly.

I had the task of editing the video, the process of making the video was quite enjoyable and I feel like it was a fun way of explaining the theme planning. 

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