Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Week 7- Change of plans

After our presentation on planning, Russell shared what he discussed with the people at the Museum of English Rural Life. There has been a change of plans and alteration to our original brief. The people at the Museum prefer to use a software which they all can use and is easy to update and work on. Unreal Engine 4 and 3ds Max seem to be too difficult to use and maintain. For that reason, Russell has decided to change our software to Revizto which you can put your 3D model into an environment, very similar to Lumion. We will know 3d model the museum in Sketch Up, as suggested by Russell, and then imported into Revizto to create the environment, lighting and other effects to make it look as realistic as possible. For the 3D objects we plan to test out 123D Catch and then use 3Ds Max to clean it up.

This change isn't too harming to our group and what we originally plan, in fact it has actually made it easier because we all know how to use Sketch Up quite well and by the sounds of it Revizto it quite an easy software to learn in a short period of time. I would of liked to use UE4, after seeing its capabilties, to build up my skills in a new program but for the purpose of the assignment, it is important to meet the needs of the clients and this is the best solution we can give them.

The image above is a model of the museum modelled in Sketch Up by someone from the museum. There are a lot of problems with the mode like messy modelling techniques (walls sticking out and not joining together), however this will assist us in starting our version of the museum. We will also use the plans provided by Adam, which was mentioned in the previous blog posts.

The images above were taken and made by Dr. Ian Ewart from MERL. He took a series of photos from different angles which created this 3D model of the facade of the building and churning device. The process that he used is very similar to 123D catch. As a group, we hope to develop something similar for our objects.

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