Friday, 10 April 2015

Week 5- Preparing our presentation (Planning)

The Virtual Museum team has chosen to do the first theme of the group presentations, which is planning.

To get things started I looked at what was required of us by referring to the CODE3100 blog and previous years work. This helped me in coming up with different questions/ parts for the presentation. For the back brief presentation we split up the presentation into different categories e.g. Brief, history, approach etc. and then I put the presentation together. This worked really well and we are taking the same approach for this group presentation.

Image above: Screenshot of the Facebook post I posted regarding the group presentation.

We primarily communicate through Facebook because this is the platform that everyone is active on and we can keep track of progress and information relevant to the project.

These are the questions we aim to answer in presentation:
1. What is planning? - Definition - GRANT
2. Why we plan? – Benefits/ What is achieves - GRANT
3. Stages of planning - VIVIEN
4. How to plan? - ARAM
5. Planning Tools - ARAM
6. Planning our project- Aim - TOM
7. Planning for the future/ if any problems arise - RIBAL

There may be more parts to add but for the time being these are the questions that certain people in the group are responsible for. 

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